As of November 9th, we are faced with a Trump Presidency, Republican Senate, and Republican House of Representatives. As bad as it is nationally, it is in many ways worse at the state level: Republicans control 33 Governor’s seats and 71 State Legislative Chambers. The GOP took control by investing in local elections and targeting at-risk Democrats with Super-PAC spending.

We are now at risk of losing ground on progressive wins from the past 8 years: our state and federal governments may repeal the Affordable Care act, surrender the environment to corporate interests, and attack a woman’s right to choose. To remain in power, GOP-controlled state legislatures are also passing bills to suppress the vote and draw gerrymandered district lines.

Only by standing together can we stop them and take our country back over the next four years. By committing to flip, you are pledging to:

Join us and take back our country.